MAKEUP REVOLUTION SERIES : New-trals vs Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

new-trals vs neutrals, makeup revolution, eye shadow

Hello Lovelies! I’m going to be doing a series of posts about some Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes I recently purchase. I’m so excited to show you some really beautiful products!

I came across Makeup Revolution on Instagram and I was immediately captivated. What I was most excited about when browsing their website was their wide variety of eye shadow palettes. I have found that the only affordable large eye shadow palettes  that are readily available in South Africa are the Morphe knock-offs with 35 shades. I do absolutely love those palettes but I had been searching for some smaller palettes that still have a wide variety, you feel me?

Makeup revolution, eye shadow new-trals vs neutralsThe first palette that I will be reviewing is the New-trals vs Neutrals palette which is absolutely gorgeous and really reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (R1100). There are 16 shades in this palette and there’s a mix of shimmer and matte shades. The palette cost just under R120 which is an absolute steal!

My first look at the palette had me jumping up and down like a child waiting in line at an ice cream truck. The packaging blew me away and I was honestly a little taken aback by how luxurious it felt. The box is made from thick cardboard and  the name of the palette is beautifully embossed in rose gold. They’re silly details, I know, but they’re important to me.

*If you’re looking for a palette with a bit more selection check out my review on the #SlaysForDays palette


First Impressions

Swiping my fingers through a couple of the shades had me dancing with excitement! The shades come across very pigmented and creamy.  There were three colours that instantly grabbed my attention with their gorgeous colour and pigmentation. Trend, a deep burnt orange; Tone, a bright deep pink and Partial, a gorgeous metallic lilac. Unfortunately there are a couple of colours that left me a bit underwhelmed ( Strong, a dark metallic purple which comes across as more brown and Neutral, a pale brown which lacked pigmentation) but I have colours quite similar in my collection so I’m not too phased. In general, I think it’s a really nice palette to travel with.

new-trals vs neutrals, makeup revolution, eyeshadow new-trals vs neutrals, makeup revolution, eyeshadow

Sweet Perks

This palette comes with two extra’s that you don’t typically find in really affordable eye shadow palettes. In my opinion, they’re a really big deal. The first thing is the mirror included in the palette – it’s big and beautiful. I would be quite happy to do my makeup with only that mirror.  All Makeup Revolution palettes come with a mirror and I really feel like it makes them even more luxurious. Perhaps even better than some high end palettes?

The second amazing perk is the brush that comes included – it’s a real gem. I honestly couldn’t have been more shocked. I always – without fail – toss away brushes included in palettes. Usually, I find them to be more of a pain rather than a tool I would actually like to use. The brush is dual ended which is both a pro and a con I think. It’s perfect to keep in the palette and you can create a pretty decent eye shadow look with it. I think the only down side is it’s a bit tricky to store in a jar with my makeup brushes.

The one end is a flat shadow brush ( perfect for packing colour on to the lid) and the other end is a small blending brush which works beautifully in the crease. I am so impressed with the quality, the bristles are really soft and densely packed so it feels high quality. I’ve found myself using this really often and it makes the palette even more perfect for travelling with or even keeping in your bag.

new-trals vs neutrals, makeup revolution, eyeshadow

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