JUNE FAVOURITES: Oldie’s But Goodie’s

june favourites

I’ve been working on a couple of ideas for the blog which will be up within the next few weeks! My plan is to start working on a couple of different series’ to keep posting about my favourite things.It’s been super tricky trying to get into the habit of regularly working on content so please forgive me 🙂

I’ve decided to start a monthly favourite series (not super original, I know) because there are so many products that I really love that I don’t blog about because they’re not new. Some products I’ve had for a while and have recently fallen back in love with while others were purchased within the month of May.

My first favourite is my ghd V Gold Classic Hair Style (R 2 399). This was a Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago and honestly it’s something I’ve always loved but haven’t necessarily used often. I got the styler back when dead straight hair was super fashionable and I would use it every time I went out. Since then I’ve grown to love my natural hair a lot more but I still love playing around with this baby.

I’m a bit late to the party here but I have only just learned to curl my hair using this styler and that it why I’ve started using it a whole lot more. With a bit of practice my curls have started looking better and better and I use this really often, even if it’s just to curl a few pieces around my face. It’s super pricey, I know, but it is hands down the best styler there is.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth only just made it into the monthly favourites because I only got it a couple of weeks ago but this baby deserves a mention! I have always had a couple of issues with my skin and so I’m always on the lookout for something that could give me perfect, glowy skin. After using just a couple of drops in the morning and evening I noticed such a big difference in my skin! This oil really improved the texture of my skin and within a couple of days it looked noticeably more plump and glowy.

I’m dying to also get my hands on the Drops of Light which is said to reduce dark spots but unfortunately it’s been sold out at the last three stores I’ve tried. Although, this just makes me want it even more!

I have also recently fallen in love with my Smashbox Contour Kit which I wasn’t initially impressed with. It’s a super pricey pallette (R630) so I definitely could recommend better products to contour with ( like the NYX Wonder Stick which I talk about in this blog post). The reason I have been loving this palette so much is because I’ve recently started keeping this in my handbag and it just works so well as a multitasking product. I’ll use this as a bronzer, eyeshadow and highligher when I’m in a rush and it just gives the perfect “no makeup makeup” look!


The Swiitch Holy Grail flash case has also become a firm favourite of mine! I’m honestly quite surprised how practical this palette is. I initially bought it with the sole intention of mixing lipsticks but I reach for this palette for far more than just lip colour. At the moment I am obsessed with using the white cream as an eyeshadow primer, it makes my eyeshadow last so much longer that I honestly don’t think I could do my makeup without it. I’ve also been using the shimmer shades as an eyeshadow primer too! It sounds a bit odd but they create the most gorgeous glittery eye look that looks just a little bit wet (which is all the rage right now, and I love it!)

Last but certainly not least is my Jamie Oliver Jamie’s Italy cookbook. I recently found this cookbook on sale in a secondhand bookshop (a huge vice of mine) and I got it for a steal. There is nothing I love more than a glorious bowl of pasta or a super delish pizza so this book has become a go-to when I crave something homey. We’re heading into winter in South Africa and this book is just jam-packed full of warm, comforting food. A few recipes for my favourite dishes and how I tweak them will be up on the blog soon!

I’d love to know what you have been loving this month! Leave a comment down below if there’s something you think I should try out next month 🙂

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