HOLY GRAIL FLASH CASE – The Ultimate Tool for Creativity

swiitch beauty holy grail flash case

Hello lovely BB readers! I recently got myself a Holy Grail Flash Case from Swiitch Beauty and I have been having so much fun playing with it. I feel like the first thing I need to highlight is that this case is not for laid-back makeup users who just want a product that is quick and easy. This flash case is quite time consuming and finicky but the results are worth it. If you are a die-hard makeup lover then this is something you absolutely have to own. The possibilities are endless and if you have the patience you can create any look your heart desires.

First off, I want to talk about the packaging. The twelve colours are housed in a slim, clear plastic case with the name on the lid. I think this packaging is so gorgeous and perfectly suits the product. The only downside is that this product gets dirty super quickly if you’re not extra careful. ( I am most definitely not which is why mine looks the way it does…)

Flash Case Love

The colours are super bright and the formula is very pigmented and creamy. It doesn’t feel the way I had expected it to but let me tell you the formula is a winner! This first time I tried this was to mix up a concealer for a particularly nasty pimple and I was blown away at how well it covered it up.

I was super excited to use this as a lipstick as well and I’m really impressed with how well it wears. It dries quite matte and with a bit of setting powder dusted over it lasts a good few hours.

The possibilities are endless with the flash case and you really can let your creativity take over but I have found that i mostly use the the case for concealer, lipstick and eyeliner. I have also been mixing the peach and gold colours together to make a gorgeous glowy blush. Using the white shade as an eyelid primer and setting with a pale eyeshadow has also really made my eyeshadow pop and last longer!

The Face

swiitch beauty holy grail flash case

This formula makes for an absolutely amazing concealer! It is so thick and creamy that it can hide just about anything you want it to.  I like to mix three colours for colour correcting and one to use as a normal concealer. For the pink, green and yellow concealers I just added a bit of white to the colours to make them paler and easier to blend. For the concealer I mixed white, peach and yellow with just a tiny bit of brown and it works fantastically. It’s definitely one of the most high-coverage concealers I’ve used so I would definitely recommend this if you battle with pigmentation.

I haven’t quite figured out the easiest way to mix each colour so this is very time consuming and not the most practical for day to day but I’m sure a bit of practice will speed up the process.

The Eyes

swiitch beauty holy grail flash case

I was so excited to try out this product as an eyeliner because I am a huge fan of a glorious winged eyeliner. However, because this is a cream product is is less than ideal for eyeliner because it smudges so easily. It is taking a bit of patience and persistence but I think I’m finally starting to figure out the best way to use this – Set it, set it, set it!

The creaminess is perfect for making sure your eyeliner isn’t patchy and I have found that setting it with a similar coloured eyeshadow has helped the longevity of the eyeliner and prevented it from smudging. I still don’t think it’s perfect but it is a work in progress.

Also, as a side note : You have to wash your brushes after using them because this product will stick to the bristles and make it very difficult to use them for another look.

The Lips

swiitch beauty holy grail flash case

Let me start this off by saying this is not a very accurate representation of the lipstick possibilities of this case! These photos took a really long time to arrange and I ran out of time and patience to add more shades. However, I think this will give you a good idea of the possibilities. These are a few colours that I really enjoy wearing and I love owning a product that means I can create whatever I want.

These lipsticks are a really great consistency and I love how they feel on my lips. With a bit of setting powder they last really well and don’t smudge everywhere. Lipstick is my favourite makeup item to be bold with and I love trying out new looks. This palette is perfect to try out if you can’t afford to splurge on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette which costs over R1000. For R300 you can’t go wrong experimenting with the Swiitch Beauty Flash Case.

The Pros and the Cons

The Holy Grail Flash case is a must have item if you love experimenting. There is no denying the opportunities to create a ton of different looks. Yes, it is time consuming and messy but I feel that the opportunity to create so many different looks makes it worth it. I definitely still need to figure out the best way to mix the colours because so far it’s been more mess than success but I’ll keep you updated on the process.



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