COLOURPOP LIPPIE STIX – The Ultimate Lipstick

I recently received my first ever paycheck and the first thing I spent it on was a limited edition Colourpop lippie stix set from Muse Beauty. They cost a small fortune (R790) and I have not a single iota of regret! They are by far the most incredible makeup product I have been lucky enough to use and I couldn’t recommend them more.

I bought the limited edition set called ‘To and From’ and it included six matte lippie stix, two of which were their Matte X formula. This set is the ultimate combination of nudes, brights and darks. Every colour is just ridiculously beautiful and has a formula to match.

I have been wearing these lipsticks every single day and I have just been blown away by their longevity. I can put this lipstick on at 9am and when I get home at 6pm the application still looks beautiful. An entire day of talking, eating and drinking is no match for these babies. They are occasionally a bit uncomfortable, as if my lips feel a very dry, but nothing dabbing a little bit of lip balm doesn’t fix. For a longlasting matte formula I feel as though it is a small sacrifice to make for ultra-longwearing lipsticks.

I tend to be quite lazy reapplying lipstick throughout my day or evening so there are just a dream! I recently wore Tutu ( a dark, wine stain colour) to a friends birthday and the lipstick lasted the entire evening, even with a few sneaky kisses from my beloved!


colourpop busy brunette lippie stix cami

Cami is the second darkest nude in the set and I just absolutely love it, it’s a perfect warm rosy shade and it pairs so beautifully with day-to-day makeup but works just as wonderfully with warm eyeshadow looks. I could use this lipstick forever and not get bored of it!

Parker is the lightest shade of the set and without a doubt a perfect nude. It’s slightly peachy and just unbelievably easy to wear. It’s the sort of colour that could fade throughout the day and you might not even notice it. I absolutely love to wear this with dark chocolate eye makeup, it just works perfectly with bold eye makeup.


colourpop busy brunette lippie stix baewatch

It would be so hard to tell which of these lippie stix is my favourite but there are a couple that are more wearable during the day.  Baewatch is one that I have kept in my bag since I first got it because I think it is just the perfect mix of bold and neutral. It’s a lovely warm purple shade that goes so well with any skin tone.

Never before would you have caught me wearing a bright red lipstick! I have quite a thin upper lip and so I always feel bright colours look a little ridiculous on me. Weekender is just the most perfect bright red/orange lipstick and it makes me so happy every time I put it on. There is something about these lipsticks that I think just works so beautifully for everyone, no matter what type of lips you have.


colourpop busy brunette lippie stix pack pack

If there is any shade in the set that I’m apprehensive about it’s Pack Pack. Before deciding to buy this set I watched a bunch of swatching videos on YouTube to get a good idea of what they would look like. I think out of all of them this was the most misleading. Obviously skin tone is a really important factor because I thought the swatches of this looked great. However, when I first tried it on I thought it looked so grey and made me look quite washed out. I have definitely learned to work with it though and with some looks I think it looks really striking. It’s definitely not an easy colour to wear and requires a little bit of bravery, I think.

colourpop busy brunette lippie stix tutu

What can I say about this lipstick that the photos don’t say for themselves. Just a perfect deep wine coloured lipstick. It lasts like a dream and throughout the evening ( I only like to wear this in the night) and doesn’t require any touch ups. I absolutely love wearing dark lipsticks but they’re also a lot of effort usually and I really hate that. This one, however, is just so comfortable to wear and at the end of the night it still looks great!


Honestly, I could not rave enough about the Colourpop lippie stix and this set in particular. It was sold out a little while ago but I see that it is back in stock. In my opinion, it’s a worthwhile splurge that will bring happiness for ages to come!


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