A LITTLE SPLURGE – New NYX and Essence products

Hello lovely Busy Brunette readers! If you’re still coming back to read my blog posts I am super appreciative. I know blog posts have been a bit sporadic but I’m workin’ on it so please stick around and let me know what you think 🙂

I’ve recently done quite a bit of makeup buying which makes me super happy because I love trying out new products. Clicks is currently having a ‘ Buy three and get the cheapest free” special which makes it all the more tempting to try out some new products. Essence has been my go-to product for as long as I can remember. The great quality of their products seems to defy their low price. I often buy many of my essential makeup bits and bobs from Essence because it always fits into my budget.

NYX products, however, are a bit of a splurge for me sometimes. The recent opening of their World of NYX store at the Mall of Africa meant I couldn’t help but pick up a few goodies. I also recently bought a gorgeous set of Colourpop Lippie Stix but those are for another post… 😉

essence NYX makeup review


Essence Essentials

Essence is my go to brand when buying essentials because it’s so affordable. Their products are often really high in quality and the new products I tried out certainly lived up to expectations.  I purchased the Stay All Day 16 hour foundation and concealer as well as the All About Matte fixing powder and a long lasting retractable eye pencil.

My skin is most definitely not perfect and I have always battled with it. There are very rare periods where my skin is actually clear.  I try not to wear foundation every day so that my skin can breathe but I always feel so happy when I see how clear my skin looks when wearing a good foundation. The Essence Stay All Day foundation definitely did the trick for me. The pump on the bottle oozes just the right amount of product so I don’t feel like I”m wasting it and it applies very evenly to my skin.

For me, the scent is quite overpowering and I really don’t enjoy it at all but I do think it fades quite quickly. It makes my skin appear really smooth and manages to cover most of my blemishes but it still keeps my skin  looking quite dewy which I absolutely love.  For R84,95 I think it’s a hard price to beat for good cover up and a long-lasting finish.

I bought the matching Stay All Day concealer and this has very quickly become one of my most used products.

I had intended on buying the LA Pro Coverage concealer because I’ve heard so many great things about it. However, it’s nearly impossible to find a light shade of this concealer and in desperation I opted for Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer. The blue bags underneath my eyes just disappear when this concealer is dotted over them and it leaves me looking refreshed. I bought a shade a couple tones lighter than my skin tone and it really brightens my face when I dot it on my forehead, bridge of my nose and chin. This is a product I definitely need to keep a few back ups of.

I also decided to try the Essence All About Matte translucent compact powder. I know I’m really late to the party but this is the first translucent powder I’ve owned and I must say I can see why this has become a must-have product! It really helps make my concealer last longer and it doesn’t leave any sort of white glare.  I do prefer a more dewy finish so I use this quite sparingly.

The last Essence purchase I made is a dark brown retractable eyeliner. I originally bought this because I thought it would make a good brow pencil but I’m still on the fence about it. I thought it would make a great brow pencil because it has a fine tip and when I swatched it in store it made really pretty little brush strokes. However, I think it’s a little too dark for my eyebrows and the pencil almost seemed to crumble on my eyebrows. I definitely didn’t enjoy the first try but I’m good at perseverance. Maybe I’ll figure out the art of it!

essence NYX makeup review

NYX Loves & Loathes

I am going to start this off with possibly the most glowing review I could possible give. The NYX loose pigment pots are quite possibly one of my favourite makeup items ever! The pots are absolutely tiny but so is the amount of product you use. I have two shades – mocha and pink and they are just absolutely gorgeous. They are both very shimmery and buildable and I just love these more and more with each use. They are super messy as you have to sort of spill the pigment out to use it. However, I just use  little piece of paper to put a bit of pigment on and then dip my brush into it.

The pink pigment makes an absolutely stunning highlighter, it’s super glowy but not too in-your-face which is pretty much my ideal highlighter. These pigments are so easy to work with and for R50 I think they were a steal. The last time I checked they were sold out though which is really sad. If I were you I’d definitely keep an eye out for these!

The NYX single eyeshadow in the shade Maybe Later is pretty much a perfect transition shade and I find myself dusting it on my eyelids almost every day. It’s a cool-toned brown shade and blends so beautifully. It is a very subtle shade though so I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything other than a transition shade. These little single shadows cost R99,00 which seems a little pricey to me for. Maybe I’m just a bit stingy but I couldn’t imagine purchasing more of these.

Now onto the loathes… The NYX Chunky Dunk lippies just do not impress me at all! I have another shade as well and I just really don’t enjoy using them. They smell a bit odd and are very sheer. I feel as though it leaves my lips feeling wet and what little colour they do transfer fades so quickly. I really don’t enjoy these at all and I don’t think I’ll use them in the future.

essence NYX makeup review

Cala Collection

I recently purchased a few Cala brushes from Dischem after hearing such rave reviews about them. There is honestly so much good to say about these brushes. I can really see the difference they make to my makeup. I purchased a blending brush, stiff eyeshadow brush and a crease brush from the bamboo collection. These brushes cost R39,00 and honestly I can’t rave about these enough.

The eyeshadow brush is really good at packing on colour when I want an intense eye look. The blending brush blends out my shadows so beautifully. I bought to crease brush with the intention of using it as a highlighter brush and I really like the result. It transfers the colour beautifully and it gives a beautiful glow.

Overall I think these were great purchases. I’m super happy with the results they’ve produced and there are a few here I will definitely continue to repurchase. I’m also really looking forward to trying out some more Cala brushes and growing my collection!

essence NYX makeup review






    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! I would definitely recommend their products, they’re really nice quality for such an affordable price!

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