When I first came across Swiitch beauty on Instagram I became immediately obsessed. It’s a small, cruelty- free business run by a 16-year-old South African. What’s not to love, right? Their Instagram is filled with drool-worthy images that had me counting my pennies to splurge on some of their products! The #SlaysForDays palette was my first purchase from the site so here’s all the deets about it.

I was intrigued by their products which all have a sleek black and white packaging and feature their logo. Their range of products mostly focuses on makeup brushes and skincare products. However, it is their cosmetics that have me hooked. The second product they added to their makeup range had me screen shotting the image and drooling over it for ages! The #SlaysForDays palette is quite possibly the prettiest eye shadow palette I’ve ever seen. The moment I saw it I knew this was a dupe for the Morphe 350 palette. It’s a palette I thought I’d only ever see on my favourite beauty bloggers’ pages.

Morphe 35O
This is the Morphe 350 palette which looks like an exact match of the #SlaysForDays palette


I pre-ordered the palette immediately and after a very torturous month my gorgeous package arrived! My initial thought was, “Wow! They’ve clearly put a lot of thought into packaging,”. For a product that cost R350 including delivery I could have been fooled into thinking this was a very high-end product. The sleek black and white box covering the generous layer of bubble wrap and my much-desired palette had me jumping up and down like an excited school girl.


I excitedly ripped off the bubble wrap and was blown away by the colours. I was a bit wary that this might not live up to my expectations but a dab of my finger into one of the pans revealed the colours were as pigmented as promised!

These are the first colours I swatched – they’re the ones that caught my eye at first as well as colours that I thought would best be able to show how pigmented the shadows are. My makeup brush was a little damp from cleaning it with a makeup wipe in between each swatch and I loved the effect this had on the shadows.

In my opinion,  the only downside to this palette is that the shimmery shades require quite a bit of work to make them show up as much as the matte shades. They’re absolutely beautiful though and I’ve loved the looks I’ve created with them so far so I think they are worth a bit of extra arm work.

#SlaysForDays swatch


The package also came with two free gifts which is always a pleasant surprise, I don’t think I would have spent money on them but I’m definitely keen to try them out. The first free gift was the #FlicksOnFleek eyeliner guide and the second gift was the #Q10ByeBags – an eye mask to brighten and tighten your under eye area.


My overall opinion so far is that this was R350 very well spent. The gorgeous colours have me wanting to try so many different looks that will look gorgeous any time of day.

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  1. Hi Laura! Rabi from SwiitchBeauty here!
    Thank you so much for kindly featuring us on your blogpost, we would love to have you added to our media database. Please send your daytime delivery address to info@swiitchbeauty.com

    Much love

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