SPLURGE – Mini Beauty Haul & Product Review

makeup product review

The December holidays always have me feeling very indulgent. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one so I don’t feel too guilty about it. Having a birthday in December is a huge bonus too as it usually means a few gifts that only add to the indulgence of it all!  I’ve done a little review of all the products I’ve indulged on.

My uncle ( knowing me very well) gifted me a Dischem gift card. I know it sounds like strange gift to anyone who isn’t a makeup lover but for me it was perfect! I did my research and prepared myself for a little haul hoping to pick up some much desired/needed goodies.


Most of these products were well needed additions to my makeup bag but I have a few mixed reviews about the products I purchased. This is what my little haul included:

Catrice Prime and Fine primer

LA Girl Pro Setting Spray,

LA Girl Matte Lipgloss in the shade Backstage

Catrice Ultra Slim eyeliner

Essence ‘The False Lashes’ mascara


The Prime and Fine primer is one that I had seen quite a bit of on social media and I was interested in trying it for myself. It had received some really good reviews and I have to agree with them. My skin felt really smoothe and my pores looked visibly smaller. I love wearing this even without foundation, it gives such a lovely finish. I do find it helps my foundation last longer but I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle worker. All in all though I think it’s a worthwhile purchase.

The LA Girl setting spray has left me feeling a little confused. Whenever I spray it over my makeup it makes my skin feel a bit odd, I’m not sure how else to describe it. It doesn’t itch or burn it just feels a bit weird for a minute or two. Once it has dried though I love what it does for my makeup. I can definitely see the results in this and my foundation appears to last for ages ( which is pretty unusual given my slightly oily skin).

makeup product review

The LA Girl Matte lipgloss was such a disappointment to me, much to my despair! When I swatched it in store it was love at first sight. The colour is absolutely divine but on every occasion I’ve tried to wear this it just does not work for me. The first time I applied it was without a lipliner and it was so blotchy I knew there was no way I could leave it like that. Applying a second coat however made my lips feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wait to take it off. When  I tried applying it with lipliner underneath  as well but it still looked patchy. My disappoint in this lipstick grows with each use but I will give it a couple more tries before it is relegated to the back of a drawer.

makeup product review

The Catrice Ultra Slim eyeliner has become a firm favourite of mine! While my ability to draw a kick-ass winged eyeliner leaves much to be desired this little pen has helped a lot. The ink is not as jet black as I’d like it to be but certainly black enough. It’s a pretty thin applicator that tapers to a very sharp point which makes it much easier to apply. I lasts quite nicely and it still looks beautiful and sharp after a night out.

The False Lashes was up against some tough competition. The Essence Multi- Action mascara is my all time fave but since it was out of stick I figured this would be a good one to try. I really love the effect this mascara has on my lashes, a couple of coats makes me feel as though I’m wearing falsies. It’s easy to remove which is always a big plus for me because I hate even losing one lash to stubborn mascara.

makeup product review

All in all I think there were some great purchases and a couple of bummers. I’ve really enjoyed trying out these products so I suppose that’s the joy of makeup though- you never know what you’re gonna get.

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  1. I also had a birthday in December (23rd), but I’m definitely WAY older than 22…lol. I too got gifted a Dischem card. Somebody was like: WHY would you get that as a gift??

    Obviously that person did not know me as well as my friend that gifted me did. ha ha.

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